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Torise Biomaterials is a manufacturer of compostable and biodegradable bag

Since August 2010, we have been developing an entire range of sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics. Our Torise products are naturally made from resins that are derived from plant starches, vegetable oils & compostable polymers that are simply consumed by microorganisms that live within our soils.Our manufacturing capabilities include a variety of products: modified resins, shopping bags, garbage bags, dog poop bags, produce bags, garment bags, courier bags, gloves, aprons,zip lock bags, cutlery, PLA cups and tableware.All our products have the International authorized certifcatlons such as EN13432(Din Certco), OK Compost, OK Compost HOME(TUV Austria), ASTM D6400(BPI), AS4736 and AS5810(ABA).

Bioplastic - From Nature Back to Nature

Building a sustainable economy and reaching the climate neutrality targets, requires innovative materials and improvement in waste management. Torise Biomaterials is the manufacturer and supplier of compostable and biodegradable products. We are developing an entire range of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastics. And by diverting biomass waste to composting, we're able to greatly reduce the CO2 footprint.
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1.Raw Materials like Corn etc.
Growing non GMO-free crops to harvest their starch and sugars for our biopolymer compounds.
2.Compostable Materials
Once the crops are harvested, the starch and sugars are extracted and processed into biopolymer compounds. These biopolymer compounds are then turned into granules for use in converters.
3.Compostable Products
Conversion of biopolymer compounds into a variety of finished goods, such as packaging materials, utensils, and other consumer products.
4.Turn into Organic Fertilizers after Composting
The used goods are returned to the natural cycle through home and industrial composting.
5.Continue scrolling
The compost is used to grow new crops and the regenerative cycle begins anew.

Industry Experts for 14 Years

As a compostable and biodegradable Chinese manufacturer, we set our standards higher. You can have full confidence in our products and services.

Established Jiangsu Torise Biomaterials Co., Ltd. in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China.


Certified by EU EN13432 certification and US ASTM D6400 certification, and began product trial sales.


Acquired Henan Longdu Torise Biomaterials Co., Ltd. to establish a production base in Henan.


Became a designated unit for the National Development and Reform Commission's special implementation of biobased materials.


Established Green Polymer Co., Ltd. to implement a 5,000-ton polyurethane co-polymer project and to enter the resin production field.


Participated in the Belt and Road Initiative and established an overseas trade center in Sri Lanka.


Jointly established Anhui Torise Biomaterials Co., Ltd. to specialize in serving the local market in Anhui Province.


Jointly established Shanghai Longdu Torise Biomaterials Co.,Ltd to develop cross-border e-commerce business.


Conducted A-round financing and Zhongyuan Lianchuang Fund increased its investment in our product business by RMB 30 million.


Started construction of a 200,000-ton PLA resin production project.



We have steadfastly adhered to our initial vision, committed to producing eco-friendly products, with our manufacturing facility leading the way. Our factory rooftop is adorned with 2MW solar panels that provide us with power during the day, and at night, wind turbines further supplement our energy needs. We meticulously recycle water resources, and all emissions from our production processes undergo rigorous treatment before being released. Environmental agency inspections consistently find our factory emissions to be significantly lower than those of a typical restaurant.
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Solar Energy

Torise has installed 2MW solar energy, which can provide 70% of the annual electricity consumption.

Green Plastic Bags

Wind Power

The local area of Torise is China Wind Power Generation Center, which can provide the annual remaining electricity consumption.

EcoFriendly Production
Cornstarch Plastic Bag

VOC Emission Control

We use VOC treatment equipment to recover VOCs from waste gas and return the purified gas back to the atmosphere.

Eco Friendly Garbage Bags
Corn Starch Bag

Water Circulation

Torise Biomaterials applies modern water treatment system by removing pollutants from waste water so that water can be reused.

Compostable Shopping Bag

Our Vision

Advancing Sustainability for a Better World.

Our Professional Team

We are not just a manufacturer, but also focusing on sustainable development and environmental protection
Cornstarch Shopping Bag
Shopping Bag

Research and Development Team

We gathered a number of senior domestic experts in the fields of polymer materials, organic synthesis, etc., to develop high-tech biodegradable new materials and products.

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Biodegradable Disposable Bags

Production Team

Torise Biomaterials has more than 150 production members. Each member will go through periodically strict training to become the skilled personnel, and therefore making sure the products’ quality.

Plastic Garbage Bags
T-shirt Shopping Bag

Quality Control Team

The mission in our Quality Control Center is to ensure the company’s product quality, and maintain an advantage in the competition towards the world.

Our International Exhibition

We actively participate in various exhibitions and events every year, and by interacting with customers, we value any feedback and suggestions to improve their products and services.
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Garbage Bags Biodegradable Compostable
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Certifications You Can Trust

As a compostable and biodegradable Chinese manufacturer, we set our standards higher. You can have full confidence in our products and services.

Company Certifications

ISO Certified
BSCI Certified
Sedex Certified

Products Certifications

OK Compost Certified
OK HOME Compost Certified
Compostable Certification
Contact Person
Sales Team
Sales Team



National Bio-based Industry Park, Nanle, Puyang City, Henan Province, China.
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