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Torise Biomaterials is committed to providing high quality products

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”

These wise words of English philosopher John Ruskin still ring around us nowadays.
Quality of our manufactured products is essential to ensure your safety, product reliability, and business success. Torise Biomaterials creates the effective and consistent quality control processes to avoid product defect and recalls, obtaining customers’ trust in our product and brand.
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About Our Quality Control Process

Our experienced quality inspectors conduct each inspection.Through this step-by-step process, inspectors will identify and correct any anomaly or quality defect quickly.

Incoming Quality Control
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Inspection for raw material

  • Appearance:check whether it is milky white or light yellow, the shape is uniform or not.

  • Melt index:apply melt flow rate meter to get data

  • Carboxyl terminal:use titration device to test carboxyl terminal content

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Inspection for plate printing

  • Specification:Compare plate drawings with the order artwork

  • Appearance:Check whether it has any indentation on surface

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Inspection for packaging material

  • Specification:compare the color and size of the packaging materials like carton,cardboard,etc..with the order artwork

  • Appearance:check the contents, pattern and surface based on the order requirements

  • Mass:check the weight and strength by measuring

In-Process Quality Control
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Inspection for Pelletizing

  • Appearance:check the color, size, label and odor for the pellets

  • Melt index:check it by using flow rate tester

  • Mass:check the weight and strength by measuring

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Inspection for Extrusion

  • Specification:check weight, color pattern,adhesion based on the order requirement.

  • Appearance:guarantee no straight lines when tearing and no running lines, crystal points on the bag body

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Inspection for Conversion

  • Specification:check size,thickness,weight and color based on the order requirement

  • Appearance:check whether the printed content is clear, whether the surface is dirty or has ink dots

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To guarantee each link can reach the production standards, we conduct inspection based on the IPQC system including self-inspection and random inspection, and then we send these qualified products to the inspection center for testing. It’s mainly consisted of:

  • Tensile force:use electronic tension machine to test tensile strength and elongation as well as its sealing strength

  • Tear resistance:use Elemendorff tear tester to test the force

  • Dart impact power:use falling Dart Impact Tester to test the power

  • Bearing force:use bag fatigue testing machine to test its force

Final Quality Control

To ensure our product can meet the shipping specifications and even your requirements, we need to comprehensively inspect the quality before the product is put into storage.

We mainly focus on appearance inspection and performance inspection including:

  • Specification of products:confirm whether it is consistent with your order requirement such as size, color, printed contents, odor, etc..

  • Product packaging method and contents:use Elemendorff tear tester to test the force

  • Dart impact power:check whether they are consistent with your order requirement, including its packaging appearance, weight, and thickness,etc..

  • Product performance:check its performance by water testing

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Out-Going Quality Control

To ensure the potential defects are detected before shipment and conformity with the order requirements, the out-going quality control is necessary. It includes:

  • Confirm batch number of the order

  • Confirm winding quantities and shipping quantities

  • Confirm printing and specification based on the order

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Our Quality Control Highlights

We have a professional team, and constantly upgrade advanced equipment, strictly control the quality of our products
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Quality and Process Monitoring System

Apply Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor and control the manufacturing process, and collect data at various stages of the manufacturing process and analyzing it to identify any variations from the set quality standards.

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Professional Quality Inspection Team

Perform visual and functional inspections as well as conduct reliable testing to ensure the quality.

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Build up the Advanced Testing Center

Build up our own testing center with professional teams to control the standards of each inspection process.

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Certifications You Can Trust

As a compostable and biodegradable Chinese manufacturer, we set our standards higher. You can have full confidence in our products and services.

Company Certifications

Sedex Certified

Products Certifications

OK Compost Certified
OK HOME Compost Certified
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