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Empowering Sustainable Change for a Better World

At Torise Biomaterials we are committed to fostering a sustainable future and improving environmental well being of the community.Through our efforts, 30,000 tons of biodegradable bags have been produced throughout the year, and achieve zero carbon emission each year.

By optimizing production processes and investing in renewable energy facilities.

we utilize environmentally friendly materials and renewable resources to reduce carbon emissions and resource consumption.

Torise Biomaterials Sustainable Factory

Install solar electric energy for factories

Energy constitutes the primary source of carbon emissions. To align with Torise's sustainable vision, we undertook a solar energy transformation for our factory. In 2018, we invested $5 million to overhaul our operations, shifting the bulk of our factory's power supply to solar energy, significantly reducing our reliance on conventional sources.

We installed a 2MW solar energy system on our factory roof, catering to 70% of our annual electricity consumption. This initiative not only slashed 2392.8 tons of carbon emissions annually but also marks just the initial stride toward our sustainability journey.

Advancing Zero Emissions

Wind Power Fuels Remaining Electricity Demand

Torise's facility is strategically situated in China's wind power hub. Our leadership guided our team to the wind power center. Collaborating with wind energy experts, we discussed the wind power landscape and our factory's secure execution plan. This ensured the safe transmission of wind-generated power to our facility, satisfying 30% of our electricity needs.

After six months of construction and fine-tuning, we proudly achieved a full 100% transition to green energy. Torise Biomaterials confidently declares, 'We've taken another stride closer to our company vision.' Moving forward, we commit to reinvesting half of our profits annually into our sustainable endeavors.

Torise Biomaterials Green Factory Program

Unceasingly Committed to Sustainable Factory Transformation

Pollution Free Device
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Pollution Free Device

We use VOC treatment equipment to recover VOCs from waste gas and return the purified gas back to the atmosphere.

Biodegradable Products
Compostable Trash Liners

Lighting System

The factory has switched all lighting systems to energy-saving bulbs.

Compostable Produce Bags Supplier
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Water Circulatory System

Torise Biomaterials applies modern water treatment system by removing pollutants from waste water so that water can be reused.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We adhere to the requirements of BSCI and SEDEX in factory management, placing a strong emphasis on workers' rights and health protection while actively assuming social responsibility. We participate in the "Meituan Qingshan Program" and have even established a corporate foundation, actively supporting children from disadvantaged families in the surrounding community, funding their livelihoods and education.

Torise Biomaterials at the 2023 National Standard Seminar on ‘Polylactic acid’

Torise Biomaterials took part in this seminar as a professional manufacturer of modified resin and finished degradable plastic bags. During this meeting, the Chairman of our company actively engaged in this detailed discussion about guidance formulation, which lays the foundation for standardizing production and broadening market application.

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Relief Fund for Children in difficulties at Torise Biomaterials

As an enterprise with strong social responsibilities, Torise Biomaterials not only cares much about protecting our common homeland, but also concerns about the healthy growth of our children. We decided to create the Relief Fund for children in difficulties and carried out regular donation activities, hoping to make them live in a healthy and positive environment.

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Participation in the Formulating GB standards for biodegradable plastic shopping bags

As investigated, 59% of the white pollution is caused by the packaging and agricultural film plastic products. The characteristics of disposable and difficult-to-recycle plastics for this type are not suitable for plastic recycling. Only biodegradable plastics can fundamentally solve the problem of white pollution. Torise Biomaterials is invited to engage in formulating GB standards for biodegradable plastic shopping bags, contributing to the effort to help reduce white pollution globally.

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Promoting the legislation of national ban on free plastic bags

According to the report of the UN Environment Program, more than 9 billion tons of plastic bags are produced in the world, only 9% were recycled and about 12% were incinerated. The remaining 79% ends up in landfills or in the natural environment. It takes a very long time, even 400-500 years to degrade, which has a potential impact on the entire ecosystem. In order to solve this problem, many countries started to take action and ban free plastic bags.

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Despite biodegradable plastics accounting for less than 1% of global plastic consumption, I urge more individuals to join our cause. Let us create a future where people can revel in clear blue skies, lush green environments, and a habitat that is both sustainable and harmonious with nature.

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As a compostable and biodegradable Chinese manufacturer, we set our standards higher. You can have full confidence in our products and services.

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