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Your Food Safety Tips: Use of Compostable Packaging

Your Food Safety Tips: Use of Compostable Packaging

Feb 2,2024
As more and more people are increasingly aware of the environment and the impact items like traditional plastic have on waterways, soil and even wildlife, looking for a change is so demanding. But when it comes to how we package our food, is there a safer option for us and the environment?


Compostable Plastic Bags(Food Packaging) offers a great and safe way for people to package and carry their food in an environmentally friendly way. This is due to the plant-based materials that make up the compostable item and the eco-friendly way that it decomposes into natural matter.

Is it Safe To Store Food in Compostable Bags?


Consumers get to know about the value of compostable items, many people are now asking about the use of compostable bags. It can be confusing to learn where and when you can use a compostable bag and when it may not be the right choice.


Compostable bags can be an ideal alternative to traditional plastic bags due to its natural component and toxic free decomposition. This makes them very environmentally friendly! But is it a good choice for storing food? The answer is : not really.


This is due to their lack of strength compared to traditional plastic bags. However in terms of food safety, they are safe to carry food easily.

When Would You Store Food in a Compostable Packaging?


Compostable bags are not as good at holding wet or heavy substances because they are composed of natural materials like corn, potato and tapioca. This means that you can use it to carry food for a short time but you would need to move the food to another stronger bag soon after.


You could also store food and garden waste in a compostable bag to ensure that the bag decomposes into compost together with the garbage. But on the other hand, meat, fish and dairy products may attract rats. So its not ideal to pop these into a compostable packaging.

Is Compostable Plastic Bag Eco-Friendly

Eco Friendly has become a new buzzword over the last ten years. Many people want to be eco-friendly or more ecologically conscious. So is compostable plastic bag classed as just that?


Compostable packaging do typically fall under the range of eco-friendly!


This is because the makeup materials don't damage the environment. Eco-friendly basically refers to something that won't damage the environment or is better for it.


With compostable plastics being made from 100 percent natural materials, being manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and able to break down into natural matter, they certainly are eco-friendly.

Which Packaging is Best?

It can be said the best choice for their usage and their environmental footprint are split into two lists: short term and long term.


Short-term storage:

–   Compostable disposable(single-use) plastic bags (provided you will compost them correctly)

–   Paper food wraps

–   Wax food wraps


Long-term storage:

–  Glass containers

–  Bamboo containers

–  Metal containers

–  Reusable food wraps

 Please consider how you will dispose of these items. For example, compostable plastic bag must be disposed of in a home or industrial compost.


In the pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions, Torise Biomaterials stands out as the custom compostable product manufacturer that offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

For businesses and individuals looking for environmentally friendly packaging solutions, ordering compostable bags from Torise Biomaterials is a strategic, conscious choice. By choosing these bags, customers can contribute to reducing plastic waste, promoting the use of renewable resources and supporting the circular economy. Torise Biomaterials' commitment to quality and sustainability makes them a reliable partner on the eco-conscious packaging journey, providing businesses with practical and effective ways to align their practices with a greener, more sustainable future.


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