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Nanle County Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Torise as an Outstanding Enterprise in Biodegradable Biomaterials

Nanle County Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Torise as an Outstanding Enterprise in Biodegradable Biomaterials

May 28,2024
Torise Biomaterials Co., Ltd.
The Nanle County Chamber of Commerce has launched an "Exemplary Enterprise Showcase" to spotlight outstanding businesses, with Torise Biomaterials Co., Ltd., receiving recognition for its remarkable contributions.
Commitment to Environmental Sustainability
Torise Biomaterials Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, specializes in developing, producing, and distributing biodegradable biomaterials. Their diverse portfolio, including PLA resin and biodegradable shopping bags, reflects their strong commitment to environmental sustainability.
Commitment to Environmental Sustainability
Biodegradable products

Torise's Biodegradable Solutions
Torise's biodegradable materials and products decompose into carbon dioxide and water within 6 to 9 months under composting conditions, offering a significant eco-friendly advantage. Studies indicate that utilizing 1 ton of their bio-based resin material can mitigate emissions equivalent to 2.2 tons of carbon dioxide compared to traditional petroleum-based resin production methods.

International Acclaim and Industry Contribution
Torise holds several international certifications, including the EU EN13432 biodegradable certification, EU OK-biobased biobased certification, US ASTM6400 certification, Australia AS5710 compostable certification, and FDA food contact material testing reports. With products exported to over 30 countries, Torise has established a reputation for excellence globally.
Torise Biomaterials Co., Ltd. has secured numerous patents and actively contributes to the formulation of industry standards, positioning itself as a leader in innovation and environmental responsibility. Recognized as a "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Provincial Specialized and New Enterprise," Torise exemplifies excellence in sustainable practices.
Innovative Research and Development
Innovative Research and Development
Torise Biomaterials Co., Ltd. strategically prioritizes innovation platforms to drive innovation, industrial upgrades, and economic growth. Collaborating with prestigious institutions like the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhengzhou University, Torise achieved a breakthrough by integrating lactic acid and propylene glycol into polylactic acid. This innovation substantially reduces production costs and enhances product competitiveness.
The recognition of Torise as an outstanding enterprise by the Nanle County Chamber of Commerce highlights its dedication to environmental stewardship and underscores its contribution to promoting sustainable practices worldwide.

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