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Promoting the legislation of national ban on free plastic bags

Promoting the legislation of national ban on free plastic bags

Sep 8,2021
Compostable Pet Waste Bags

As an eco-friendly enterprise with sustainable notion, Torise always actively participates in related activities for national prohibition on free plastic bags, and helps reduce plastic pollution and environmental damage.

First of all, Torise can consciously comply with the plastic ban and reduce or stop using single-use plastic products, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc,. Secondly, we can actively develop and promote alternative environmentally friendly products, such as paper packaging, biodegradable plastics, etc., to meet consumer needs. In addition, we can also strengthen cooperation with governments and non-governmental organizations to jointly promote the implementation and enforcement of the plastic ban.

In general, the promotion of the national plastic ban is an important measure for protecting the environment and reducing plastic pollution.

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