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Torise Biomaterials Create Relief Fund for Children in difficulties

Torise Biomaterials Create Relief Fund for Children in difficulties

Dec 8,2022
Compostable Pet Waste Bags

In this era full of opportunities and challenges, we know that children are the future of a country. However, there are still many children living in plight, lacking basic living security and educational resources. In order to help these innocent children, we set up the Relief Fund facing for the whole society.


In our Relief Fund, we provide material assistance, including food, clothing, school supplies, etc., to ensure that their basic living needs are met, and set up grants to help them complete their studies. In addition, we also organize volunteer activities to bring care to these children.


Through years of efforts, our Relief Fund has helped a lot of children in difficulties, we believe that each child has huge potential, what we leave for them is not only a green and low carbon environment, but more supports and opportunities to create their own wonderful life.

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